About Us and Our History
Over the years, since 1980, we have been welcoming devotees and their families and we have always been blesssed by the Lords and with their blessing we have been able to run various activities; a brief, yearwise synopsis of these 35 years  (1980 - 2015) are humbly presented here.
Activities at a glance from 1980 to 2015
1980   Establishment of Hindu Community Center:
Established as Non-Profit religious and cultural organization. Purchased 1 Gaston Ave. Garfield, NJ, property to house a Sanatan Mandir for Indian Community.

1981   First Sanatan Mandir with Panchayatan Devas named as Hindu Mandir formally opened in greater Tri State area at 1 Gaston Avenue, Garfield, NJ.
- Vidya Kendra, a one room - Sunday School for learning Gujarati, Hindi and cultural dances started at Hindu Mandir, Garfield.

1982   Altar Construction and other minor renovations
Installation of Idols.

1983   Pran Pratishtha celebration: Installation of Lord Panchayatan Devas under guidance of H.H. Shri Narhariprasad Shastri. The Hindu Mandir was formally open.

1986   Medical Center: a Saturday medical check up center started. Offered free medical check up to community members and elderly parents who did not have medical insurance.

1988   Fifth Patotsava: anniversary of Pran Pratishtha celebrated. Shubha Swadia and group presented a three hour cultural and folk dances stage show.

1991   Yoga Class: First Yoga Class started at Hindu Mandir, Garfield under guidance of Shri Champaklal Bhavsar, long time disciple of Swami Krupalanandji of Kayavarohan, India.

1993   Kearny Facility: Hindu Community Center purchased a 32000 sq.ft property at Kearny, NJ, to expand its activities and provide hall facilities for the community use.
Dashabdi Mahotsava of Pran Pratishtha of Hindu Mandir, Garfield.
Opened Lakshmi-Narayan (Vaikunthdham) Temple at Kearny Facility with Installation of Pictures of Lord Ganesha, Hanumanji, Lakshmi-Narayan, Gayatri Mataji and Lord Shiva.

1994   Shrimad Bhagwat Gyanyagya Mahotsava:
11th Patotsava of Pran Pratishtha at Hindu Mandir, Garfield
Bhagwat recited by Param Pujya Goswami Indira Betiji (JiJi) at Kearny facility.
Vidya Kendra was moved from Garfield to Kearny Facility in its classroom wing. Curriculam was expanded to include Bharat Natyam, Prayer and Heritage, arts/crafts and basic computer learning. School population was increased to 300 students.

1996   Shrimad Bhagwat Gyanyagya Mahotsava:
13th Patotsava of Pran Pratishtha at Hindu Mandir, Garfield. Bhagwat recited by Abhinav Shukdev Shri Yogendra Bhatt (Pijwala) Kearny Facility.

1998   Shri Devi Bhagwat Gyanyagya Mahotsava:
15th Patotsava of Pran Pratishtha at Hindu Mandir, Garfield. Bhagwat recited by Abhinav Shukdev Shri Yogendra Bhatt (Pijwala) at Kearny facility.
Major renovations of community halls and re-construction of Vaikunthdham temple and prayer hall started at Kearny Facility.

1999  Hurricane Flyod:
Undeground water currents/flood damaged. The wall between present temple (previous community hall) Raised central area of the building. Wall was reconstructed and the facility was restored to full function.

2000   Shiv Mahapuran Katha:
Idols of current panchayatan devas arrived from India.

2001   Gujarat Earthquake Relief Work:
Clothing drive, and distribution to needy people in Kutch/Bhuj.
General fund raising organized with Gujarati Diaro, by local artists and variety show by Rutgers, University students. A fund of nearly $ 60,000.00, was collected and donated to construct a middle, school as part of large educational campus in Adhoi near Bhuj City, Gujarat, India.

2003   Renovations: Renovations and upgrading of community halls completed and hall were formally dedicated for the benefit of community use. Re-construction of Vaikunthdham temple and prayer halls started.

2004   Re-Construction: Re-construction of Vaikunthdham temple and prayer hall substantially completed. Pran Pratishtha celebration: Installation of Lord Panchayatan Devas which included Lord Ganesh, Hanumanji, Gayatri Mataji, Lakshmi-Narayan and Trinetra Mahadev, under the guidance of Priests Maheshbhai Shastri and Gajendrabhai Jani. The Vaikunthdham temple was formally opened.

2005   Shiv Mahapuran Katha at Kearny: Shiv Mahapuran recital by H. H. Shri Dayagiri Maharaj of Bhavanagar.

2005   Musical program: Raj and Smruti Pandya

2006   Musical program: �Kal, Aaj or Kal� fundraising program was organized for the benefit of Vidyakendra school.

2006   Musical program: Rasbihari and Vibha Desai

2007   Shri Devi Bhagwat Katha: Recited by H. H. Shri Keshavbhavani Maharaj of Mai Mandir, Nadiad.

2008   Navachandi Yagna:
On the occasion of Silver Jubilee of Ambaji temple,Garfield - conducted Navchandi yagya, Kalash pooja and 7 days Shrimad Bhagwat Katha - Recital by 11 years old Sadhvi Chitralekhaji of Haryana.

2008   Tabla Concert: �Taal Naad� - fundraising program organized for the benefit of Vidyakendra school.

2008   Vidyakendra events: Rangoli competition, Saraswati Mahapooja, Talent show and Fun fair.

2009   Yoga Shibir: 7 days Yoga Shibir and discourses on Ramayan by Swami Adhyatmanandji Maharaj of Sivanand Ashram, Ahmedabad at Vaikunthdham, Kearny. - July 3 to July 10, 2009.

2010   Ram Katha Mahotsava: Recited by "Bal Shuk" Shri Gopeshji Maharaj from Brindavana. Vidya Kendra Events: Rangolee Event, Ganesh Puja, Talent Show, Youth Forum, Annual Presentation.

2011   Comedy Drama: American (desi) Kaka Chale Vanka. SRO audience: By Shakuntal Arts.
Shiva Darshan: Short discourse by H.H. Shri Dayagiri Maharaj of Bhavanagar.
Hurricane Irene: Substantial water damage to interiors of the facility and library, VK book support and costumes.
Diwali Dinner: With musical presentation by visiting group from India.

2012   Comedy Drama: Gujju Atak Atak Na Latak by Shakuntal Arts.
Dr. Dinesh Pandya: Ayrvedic Naadi Pariksha Camp-June 1912
Sharad Purnima Garba: Shailesh Parmar and Parivar Garba, Rass presentation for the benefit of HCC.
Hurricane Sandy: Damages exceeded Irene damages, including damages to 4 major HVAC units.

2013   Natya Mahotsava: Shakuntala Arts and other Tri-State Groups. For the benefit of HCC- Hurricane Sandy Damages

2014   Ayurvedic-Seed Therapy Camp: By Rajesh Patel
Comedy Drama: Gajju Atak Atak Na Latak for benefit of ate Shri Rakesh Nayak �ODI BABA�
Vidya-Kendra: Bhoomi Pujan Ceremony for new addition of classroom wing.

2015   Samooh Janoi-Yagnopavit Event:
International Yoga Day: Celebrated at Kearny
Aadhikmass Discourse: by Swami Adhyatmanandji
Aadhikmass - Vishnu Yagna Garfield and Kearny
Drama Festival: Two day Drama Festival by Shakuntal  Arts in collaboration with Gujarat Darpan and Gujarat Gujarat Foundation and Hindu Community Center. For Benefit of HCC.
Hindu Community Center